Virgin / Animation References


ASOS/Independents United. A short film communicating a lot of information in a lighthearted, fun way.


CITV Idents. Cannes Gold-winning idents produced as part of the CITV channel rebrand. Simple, straightforward animation style packed with personality.


Brit+Chips. Idents & stings created for global channel BBC Brit. Intentionally lo-fi, it’s anarchic and anachronistic.


ITV Retro. Channel brand & four idents produced for Middle East/Asia, to reflect the broad range of ITV archive content from 1950–80. Shows a range of different animation styles brought together as a suite through use of brand colours.


This is Dare. Vimeo Staff Pick, this film was built as a recruitment tool (back before everything was 90 seconds long!). It was made a few years ago but still a great example of dynamic storytelling.


Autoheart/Sailor Song. Music video that tells a story through images alone. There’s a lot of emotion here and we think it’s useful when communicating serious concepts through animation.


ITV Be ‘Surprises’. Suite of short idents created as part of the ITV Be channel launch, these are full of variety and fun, whilst all unmistakably part of a wider brand.