With an ambitious budget and timeline, our solution was to focus on the core brand identity elements and equip Twig with the tools to take their brand out into the world.

We took cues from their heritage and evolved the brand into a system that expressed their values through brand architecture, visual identity and communications.

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“Working with LittleHawk is like magic-ing up a dream team of talented creatives (and lovely people) who care as much about your brand as you do.

From day one, it's ‘we’ not ‘you’ and that impassioned ownership enabled them to deliver a brand identity all of us at Twig care deeply about and reflects why others should care as well.”

— Christine Dunn, VP Marketing and Brand


The original logo had served the company well, however it needed to evolve to reflect Twig’s growing ambitions.

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We developed their tone of voice and positioning, and created a new visual brand that encapsulated the wonder and praise Twig received from the teachers and students who used it every day — igniting students’ curiosity in the world to make enlightened citizens of us all.

A bright, engaging illustrative language expressed the delight of Twig’s offering, which had the flexibility to tone down as needed to reflect the authority of a corporate brand.

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Screenshot 2017-11-03 16.15.46.png
Screenshot 2017-11-03 15.18.31.png
Screenshot 2017-11-03 15.54.28.png

We drew upon the shapes of the logo to create ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ icons that could be used to express ideas and give instructions across Twig’s digital and paper materials.

The system for the extended product family gave Twig easy control over creating future iterations of the product as they expanded their offer.

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Screenshot 2017-11-03 15.53.19.png