BBC Worldwide

Created to educate and inform internal staff at BBC Worldwide offices across the globe about the new brand and why it was being introduced. Pitched at levels from frontline staff to senior management, it needed to speak broadly and succinctly. It was also important from a budget point of view to find the right balance of aesthetics — not too flashy and not too cheap.



Created to showcase the new channel to the public ahead of official launch night. This was part of a wider set of activities that garnered the biggest opening night figures for any digital channel launch in the UK.



An infographic film made to encourage graduates to apply to work for Dare. Received a Vimeo Staff Pick accolade and a Bronze at the One Show Awards.


ASOS Facebook Campaign

Creds film created for agency IU to highlight their successful campaign for ASOS.


Talk to Frank

One in a series of films pitched to teenagers to openly talk about the origins and effects of drugs.