CC World Cup


Comedy Central: World Cup Campaign


While at Comedy Central, Rafaela creatively directed the Word Cup campaign. The challenge was to find a way to retain viewers during the world cup season, when most audiences flocked to other channels to watch the games. Our response was to create a trailer that looked and sounded like a football promo - except for the fact that it had zero football in it. We used a combination of clips from the shows and specially filmed close-ups of cups. 

 Main Promo

Main Promo


In addition to this, we created funny and innovative ‘opticals’. There are micro spots that play out in the 1 second blacks between on-air trailers. The idea was to intrigue viewers so they would pause live tv to read them. Fans reacted immediately by photographing their tv screens and sharing them on Twitter. Overall, the campaign enabled Comedy Central to maintain, and in most cases, outperform expected viewing targets for all key shows that aired during the World Cup.


Opticals Compilation


Promax Gold – Best entertainment promo.