Sparking change at the BBC

BBC Night Building.jpg

BBC Worldwide had a bit of an identity crisis.

As the commercial arm of the BBC, it operated as a separate company to the public service broadcaster. But on the world stage, it represented the BBC brand itself. The organisation needed our help changing the way it expressed and presented itself to the world.

Collaborating with all areas of the business, we helped to define the company’s values and purpose and overhauled the brand strategy, design and communications.

After transforming the organisation’s approach to everything from sales events to corporate branding, we streamlined the BBC’s commercial presence in the UK with unified consumer branding. Our final flourish was to create a new sting which played out before all BBC programming, irrespective of the broadcaster or platform, helping to drive attribution to the BBC for the incredible content it creates.


BBC Group

Executive Creative Director
Rafaela Perera

Creative Director
Gavin Leisfield

Head of Production
Jen Lane

Built in-house at BBC Worldwide

Group Sting audio created by Matthew Herbert


BBC Global Ident