A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own

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Whilst at Sky, Rafaela wrote and creatively directed the launch of James Corden's comedy sports panel show "A League Of Their Own". The show was commissioned as part of a wider strategy to broaden Sky One’s audience and required Rafaela to work very closely with James Corden and Ben Winston who directed the trailer. The idea was to parody “serious’ sports advertising.  The opening frames of the trailer are almost shot  for shot identical to released Nike campaign which featured Fernando Torres and was shot in a similar fashion, using the same Director of Photography. A league of their own had a hugely successful launch and today is in its 12thseries. 



Gold Promax Europe  - best entertainment/music/variety/comedy promo
Silver Promax UK -  best  entertainment promo (originated) in the UK. 


Creative Director/Writer: Rafaela Perera
Made in house with Sky Creative
Print: Tom Evans and Olly Courteny/Brothers and Sisters